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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Welcome to Simple Chit Chat Blog Page at LilacsNDreams

Welcome to Simple Chit Chat at LilacsNDreams Blog. Great to have you visiting with Me today!

WOW! I had forgotten I was working on this page, redid the background design again....never can make up my mind....LOL:) So, how ya'll been? Anything exciting to report before the wonderful 4th of July Holidays is upon us? Where is this summer going already! I have sooo many things to finish up on, and things to get done, and hopefully if I do things right....move when it has cooled off just a bit. Not sure about that yet, but time will tell, right?

Hubby's boss man thought maybe....just maybe he might of found out about a home that we might be interested in. Not sure yet, and not sure if it is available either. Don't know all of the specifics....but I am intrigued, and kind of hope it could be something good, and a possibility for us. Time will tell I guess, right?

I haven't been doing too much of anything lately. Cleaned off a few pieces I wanted to repurpose the other night, and then had to leave to run our son around....no license for him right now. Naughty boy:) Anyway, pieces sitting there, it is really hot out today, and maybe I will get them glued now. Would be nice to get done, and do a couple of extras added to my list....customer bought a piece, and employees at work are enjoying it. So....thought I would put together a couple of others to resemble that piece, and see if they would be interested. 

I have been to a tag garage sale last week, and just left one again this morning too. I was sooo expecting more with them, but they are new in this area, and this is a small town too. I have found a few good things, nothing drastic, and nothing big to interfere, or burden me more with packing either:)

I suppose, trying to play catch up on a few other pages, got some items weighed, measured, and now to get those listed for sale too:) Hope this finds ya'll doing well. Have a wonderful enjoyable happy and fun 4th of July everyone!! Be safe! Thank You for visiting with Simple Chit Chat today!:)


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Welcome to Simple Chit Chat Blogs Bloggers Blogspot

Hello, and Welcome to Simple Chit Chat! Glad to have you here with us all. 

Well, now...if it hasn't been one darn thing it has been another! Whew! First I had the issue of losing my old blog, having it removed, having it blocked, and all of the above. The rush to fix the issue, and make it right for all to visit with again. Things are going good with that, I have gotten through the issues with it, and have been comfortable. 

Now....the computer! Honestly, I don't get it with this though! It did it's usually thing it has always done since I have gotten it 3-4 years ago. At different times it will shut down, and say Signal Not Found. You have to know the cable and internet company being used here on the farm. If it isn't the tv channels having issues, it has been the internet, or both. 

So, after it did it's usual shut down thing, I clicked the old button to start it back up. OMG! I had a different desk top, I was saving files to folders that once you restarted the computer they were not saving. Then, I started to move some files into other folders with these changes to save them, and that was not working. It would not save the browswer I was setting as my default, any of the address tool bars, and etc. I lost all my bookmarks I had which again is odd. I ran all scans possible for malware bytes, ccleaner, my antiv virus, and my trends housecall too. Nothing was found. It all came out clean. I started to notice on start up of computer that a little message box was coming up saying something about my profile not found. I finally got the message enough that I could ask.com about it. There it was...others had an issue at one point with it too. Some corrupted file, and I had to work with my administrative users to fix it. One instruction was the registry keys. I really hate working with those, and try to avoid them as I never want to make things worse than what they were. 

What I cannot understand is the bookmarks, and all my files which are in the hard drive of the computer. How on earth! Well, some of the folders I had moved to other files, and made short cuts to the desk top, and I find those short cut paths....but now I cannot get them open. I am finding the old folders, but it is showing them empty too. I finally got a new administrator set up on the computer, and all things going into files, the desktop, and all of that is now saving. What a deal, and what a mess it has been. Heart breaking too as some of those files had a few pictures I did not get into my place I save them at online. A few that I can not get back that I thought would be with my computer in the hard drive like all files, and folders. 

So, that was my weekend, and beginning of my week for me so far. Trying to get things caught up, and having to redo some pics for my resale stores online too. That is a chore in itself! I hope everyone else enjoyed their weekends, and had fun. Now it is cooler here, and the air has again been turned off. Why run that when I can cool without using power, right?:)

Thanks for sharing your time at Simple Chit~Chat, and hope to see you visiting again soon. Take care, and have a sweet day everyone.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Happy Chit Chat Tuesday Bloggers and Blogland

Happy Chit Chat Tuesday Bloggers, and Blogland! Hello, and happy to have you droppin by. 

So, how was your weekend? Anything exciting. Did you have big plans, did you do anything big, or did you kick back, and enjoy the beautiful weekend....hope the weather was good where you were.

Nothing fancy here. Wanted to mow, but had issue with battery and mower dead to the world. No one around this weekend to help, so had to wait till Monday to have it fixed. Monday took our car to dealership to be worked on....me and the body shop might have to start spitting at each other soon. They say rock chips, I say not rock chips due to a pattern it made, no other chips around it, and in the location it was in too. Hmm...had 2 other opinions comments to it stating Not rock chips too. 

Anyway, haven't had the car for a year yet. New model for chevy so no statistics on it yet, and yes....some minor things might happen along the way too. So far nothing serious, has been minor fixes, and the car runs great!! Great gas mileage, smooth ride, and I am enjoying it. I don't care for the rental I was put into. Impala with a bad driver tire. It is worn and smooth on outer part of tire, and when going down road dome light was on, was hot from being on, and could not get it figured out to turn off. Stupid me, knew it was minor, but called rental to find out for sure. Got it finally!...LOL:) Yeah, it was simple too. Just another button, and another minor turn is all:)

Today is Tuesday, and wanting to mow. Son tells me I have to wait so he can do some of the ditches. Well, here I sit waiting...he wants to watch his program first. 20 year old who needs an attitude adjustment, and needs to learn to talk to me better, and not be so demanding. Long story with him. 

Anyway, hope ya'll are having a great Tuesday, and hang in there! Friday is now another day closer:) Thanks for sharing your time with Simple Chit Chat. Take care, and come back to visit again soon!


Friday, June 1, 2012

Good Morning Welcome to Simple Chit Chat for LilacsNDreams

Good Morning Chit-Chatters, and Welcome to Simple Chit~Chat for LilacsNDreams. Glad to have ya'll stopping by. It's a miracle that I am here this early in the morning....LOL:) Yeah, yeah, I know....I am not an early morning person. Usually takes me a bit to wake up, and then get my feet down to take my first step. Let's just say mornings are a bit slower for me, and takes me a little bit to get a move on, and get around. Such is life:)

So, do ya'll have some big plans for this weekend? Not me. I think maybe I should get some mowing done due to all the rain we have had. The grass is growing a bit from it, and along come those darn old dandelions too. URGH! 

Not much happening here. Big weekend last weekend, and this weekend planning on being on the wonderful computer, and trying to get some things done with my stores online. 

Just stopping by to check on everyone, and see if anything exciting happening around here. Glad to see ya'll stopping by. Thanks for sharing your time with Simple Chit~Chat. Ya'll take care, have a wonderful weekend, and see you again soon. Later.......