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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Happy Holidays From Simple Chit Chat

Happy Holidays to All from Simple Chit Chat!

Hi, and nice to see you here! Hope this finds everyone doing well, and enjoying the holiday season that is fast approaching for many of us. Have you done a lot of shopping this year? I haven't done quite as much as we generally do, but have enjoyed what I have done as well. This year I am home by myself preparing the house for family that is coming home for a few days during Christmas, and while hubby is driving truck up and down the road too. 

So, I decorated the house outside. Not as much as I generally do, but have done it to make it still look nice. Inside the home I have decorated as well. No big tree this year. Just 2 small ones so that I can make sure we have room for everyone that will be here. Our house is smaller, cozy, but sometimes I still wish our living room was bigger. Although it is much easier to keep up when it generally is only me at home too. 

I have been busy crafting a few things, working on my listings for items to sell, I clean messes up, and then turn around making more messes. I have boxed things to donate, make room, and before I know it I am going through things again, and have made another mess to contend with. This weekend it sounds like it could get a bit nasty out on Saturday. Urgh! That is living in Iowa. Some days I dream of the south, and hopefully that will come in the future for us yet. Till then this is what we have. 

Anyway, with that happening this weekend I should be able to spread things out on how they get done with picking things up, organizing things, reboxing things, and making room for more chairs for company that will soon be here. I still have a few more things to do with holiday shopping, but am fortunate to have quite a bit of it done as well. Whew! I really hate to rush to get things done, and so I must keep moving forward with things. 

Well, I hope this finds everyone doing well, and enjoying all the festivities of the season. Christmas is my favorite time of the year, and I hope others are able to enjoy it as well. Thanks for sharing your time at Simple Chit Chat, and hope to see ya'll again soon. Take care, have fun, be merry, and enjoy the season everyone! Toodles......