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Friday, January 25, 2013

Smile for Friday and Let the Weekend Start Here

Smile for Friday, and let the Weekend start here!

Hello everyone, and glad to see you dropping by! Here is another weekend, and hoping ya'll enjoy it too. Time has really gone by for me lately. How about you? I sure hope everyone enjoyed their christmas time, and the new year has started off well for you as well. 

This Christmas will be one that I will remember, and the new year has also started off with a bang for me as well. To make a long story short it revolves around my Dad, hospitals, airlifting, and back home into hospice care. Loving life day by day, and taking things as they come. Making memories, and cherishing them. 

It has been cold here, how about where you have been? I really truly had hoped I would not still be living here, but then again....they say things happen for a reason too. Day by day, and see what the future holds. 

Hope this finds everyone doing well. If you would like to stay more updated with Me, follow a bit more, please drop on by my Home page tab above. Feel free to visit them all, leave comments, and most of all....say Hi so that I know you visited:)

Thanks for sharing your time with Simple Chit-Chat, and hope to see ya'll again real soon. If it gets warmer out then there shall be more to talk about I would think, right? Right now it is just sitting around the house, trying to stay warm, and doing odds and ends, here and there, and that sort of thing. Anyways, thanks again for stopping all. Take care, and see you again soon. Toodles.......