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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Happy Holidays From Simple Chit Chat

Happy Holidays to All from Simple Chit Chat!

Hi, and nice to see you here! Hope this finds everyone doing well, and enjoying the holiday season that is fast approaching for many of us. Have you done a lot of shopping this year? I haven't done quite as much as we generally do, but have enjoyed what I have done as well. This year I am home by myself preparing the house for family that is coming home for a few days during Christmas, and while hubby is driving truck up and down the road too. 

So, I decorated the house outside. Not as much as I generally do, but have done it to make it still look nice. Inside the home I have decorated as well. No big tree this year. Just 2 small ones so that I can make sure we have room for everyone that will be here. Our house is smaller, cozy, but sometimes I still wish our living room was bigger. Although it is much easier to keep up when it generally is only me at home too. 

I have been busy crafting a few things, working on my listings for items to sell, I clean messes up, and then turn around making more messes. I have boxed things to donate, make room, and before I know it I am going through things again, and have made another mess to contend with. This weekend it sounds like it could get a bit nasty out on Saturday. Urgh! That is living in Iowa. Some days I dream of the south, and hopefully that will come in the future for us yet. Till then this is what we have. 

Anyway, with that happening this weekend I should be able to spread things out on how they get done with picking things up, organizing things, reboxing things, and making room for more chairs for company that will soon be here. I still have a few more things to do with holiday shopping, but am fortunate to have quite a bit of it done as well. Whew! I really hate to rush to get things done, and so I must keep moving forward with things. 

Well, I hope this finds everyone doing well, and enjoying all the festivities of the season. Christmas is my favorite time of the year, and I hope others are able to enjoy it as well. Thanks for sharing your time at Simple Chit Chat, and hope to see ya'll again soon. Take care, have fun, be merry, and enjoy the season everyone! Toodles......

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy Veterans Day, Remember Those Who Served and Are Serving

Happy Veterans Day, Remembering Those Who Served and Are Serving

Hello, and Welcome to Simple Chit Chat everyone! Glad to have you stopping by, and visiting with Me today. This weekend is an important time to remember, and to give thanks by recognizing Veterans Day. Please remember our veterans who have served, and are still serving our country, and protecting our freedoms. If you see a veteran please say Hi to them, and maybe tell them Thank You as well. Seeing their face of recognition would sure make their day. 

Thanks again for visiting with Simple Chit Chat everyone, and see you again soon. Take care, and . . .

                               HAPPY VETERANS DAY!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat, Halloween Festivities, Fall Holidays

Trick or Treat, Halloween Festivities, Fall Holidays is upon us all. 

Welcome to Simple Chit Chat page at LilacsNDreams everyone! Happy to have you drop by, and check in on things. Where did this summer go? Just like a whirl wind, and here is fall again. Rain, cooler weather, leaves falling, preparations for winter time, etc. Before we get to the end of the year we have some holidays that we will celebrate, and have fun with too. 

I would like to wish everyone a Happy Halloween, may you have fun, and may you be safe too. I feel odd for not decorating this year. Generally I am a big decorator when it comes to the end of the year, and the holidays. Things in the yard, things around the house, and things inside the home too. But, not this year. Getting a house back into order from all the work done. Cleaning, wiping, rubbing, sweeping, dusting, rearranging things, putting things in order, etc etc. I have also spent some time putting a few different pieces together from thrifted items to offer with my shops at Etsy, and Ecrater. Sometime visit so that you can see what I have done so far, and know that other things are also be ing worked on to be added in as well. It's fun, and I enjoy doing it too. 

Well, I hope this finds everyone doing well. Hoping for good weather for everyone, and that those that have been effected by Hurricane Sandy that you are doing ok too. Thanks so much for sharing your time at Simple Chit Chat everyone. Take care, and see you again soon. Toodles........

Friday, October 5, 2012

Good Bye Summer and Hello to the Fall Season

Good-bye Summer, and Hello Fall!

Hello, and Welcome to Simple Chit Chat everyone! Wow! Where did the time all go to? One day it was nice, warm, sunny, yard sales, flea markets, and etc. Now, we are headed into Fall, and say good-bye to Summer for a few months. Darn! I had high hopes of getting some things done this summer. I got quite a bit done, but some things are not fully completed quite yet. I did a lot of down sizing of things, selling of precious items, and was trying to make things easier for us to move. The intention was to be moving across a few states down to TX which I was really looking forward to. Longer days of warm to thrift with, be creative, lil bit easier to paint with, and just enjoying things. 

Well, Hubby has come back home, left his job, and fell in love with the house all over again from some of the remodeling that has been done. So, he has been helping me to get some things done that needed completing with painting, cleaning floors, and moving some things back into place again. At least the house is getting back into order, and feeling more like home again. Still things to do, and then to prepare for him leaving on Monday with his new job. But, it is moving along. 

I know many like this time of year, and I am seeing many busy with creating things for the upcoming Holiday. Also, for the upcoming season. Many great things being shared out there, and I do enjoy all of it as well. 

Hey, thanks so much for sharing your time with Simple Chit Chat everyone! I enjoy the visits, and the company. Make sure to say Hi so that I know you were here, and I can hop over to visit you as well. Take care, and see you all again soon. Toodles everyone!:)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Wishing All a Happy Labor Day Holiday

Wishing All a Happy Labor Day Holiday!

Welcome to Simple Chit Chat, and glad to have you dropping by. Wanted to drop on in here, and let everyone know I was thinking of them, and wanted to wish you all a Happy Labor Day. Be safe with all you do today in festivities, visiting family and friends, your participation of things, and just everything that you will be doing. Safe travels to all of you. See you all again soon. 

           Happy Labor Day Everyone!!!


Monday, August 20, 2012

Good Morning Bloggers and Blogland Happy Monday

Good Morning Bloggers, and Blogland! Hope everyone is doing well, and your Monday has a good start to it!

Many places have had schools start, or are getting started. Vacations are pretty much over for everyone, and summer is changing seasons into fall soon. I know I should like fall as many others do, but I enjoy summer time. When you live up North unfortunately, you do not get many months of summer. I like to visit Thrift Stores, Yard Sales, Garage Sales, go junking, and searching for unwanted treasures to have things to do during the winter months. It just seems like we have spring, summer gets started, and then it is already over with. Here comes fall, and soon the cold again. 

Sorry, not trying to be down about it, just get them feelings sometimes when the seasons are fixing to change for us soon. Anyway....I hope ya'll are having a wonderful Monday, and that you have much success with all you plan on doing today, and this week. 

Don't forget to visit with my shops over at Ecrater, and Etsy when you can. I have been adding inventory to them, or moving some inventory into those shops. Been having some descent runs with them, and want to try to keep it up.  Also, take some time to roam around with the pages on my Blog. Visit my LilacsNDreams home page, and also visit with my LilacsNDreams Shoppe page too. See all the tabs at the top.

Thanks so much for sharing your time with Simple Chit Chat now. Hope to see ya'll again soon. Take care, and have a most wonderful Monday!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Happy Happy Hump Day to All in Blogland

Happy Happy Hump Day to All in Blogland! Hope ya'll are enjoying your Wednesday so far. Thanks so much for visiting with Simple Chit Chat today as well. 

Believe it, or not I have been around here, roaming around a bit, and have been staying busy with working out a schedule for my main blog of LilacsNDreams, and also working with my other page of LilacsNDreams Shoppe. In between that been trying to work on getting some listings done for things I am selling, clearing out inventory to make room, downsizing things a bit for us to make a long distance move, and you know. Things like that. 

Here we are another week 1/2 gone already. Weekend almost here, and where is the time going to? I have not gotten all done I had hoped to so far. Working on it, and doing things bit by bit as I can. Hitting a few thrift stores, some yard sales, and looking for some things that maybe I would consider bringing home too. Some things I pass on...regret it later too. Other times I have found some things worth while too. 

Well, time for me to shoot out the door again. Run into town, get some refills on things, pick up son from work, and then home to put feet up, and chill again. Hope this finds you all doing well, and enjoying your summer so far. I wish you all way, have a wonderful day, and come back to visit again soon with Simple Chit Chat. Take care till then everyone.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Welcome to Simple Chit Chat Blog Page at LilacsNDreams

Welcome to Simple Chit Chat at LilacsNDreams Blog. Great to have you visiting with Me today!

WOW! I had forgotten I was working on this page, redid the background design again....never can make up my mind....LOL:) So, how ya'll been? Anything exciting to report before the wonderful 4th of July Holidays is upon us? Where is this summer going already! I have sooo many things to finish up on, and things to get done, and hopefully if I do things right....move when it has cooled off just a bit. Not sure about that yet, but time will tell, right?

Hubby's boss man thought maybe....just maybe he might of found out about a home that we might be interested in. Not sure yet, and not sure if it is available either. Don't know all of the specifics....but I am intrigued, and kind of hope it could be something good, and a possibility for us. Time will tell I guess, right?

I haven't been doing too much of anything lately. Cleaned off a few pieces I wanted to repurpose the other night, and then had to leave to run our son around....no license for him right now. Naughty boy:) Anyway, pieces sitting there, it is really hot out today, and maybe I will get them glued now. Would be nice to get done, and do a couple of extras added to my list....customer bought a piece, and employees at work are enjoying it. So....thought I would put together a couple of others to resemble that piece, and see if they would be interested. 

I have been to a tag garage sale last week, and just left one again this morning too. I was sooo expecting more with them, but they are new in this area, and this is a small town too. I have found a few good things, nothing drastic, and nothing big to interfere, or burden me more with packing either:)

I suppose, trying to play catch up on a few other pages, got some items weighed, measured, and now to get those listed for sale too:) Hope this finds ya'll doing well. Have a wonderful enjoyable happy and fun 4th of July everyone!! Be safe! Thank You for visiting with Simple Chit Chat today!:)


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Welcome to Simple Chit Chat Blogs Bloggers Blogspot

Hello, and Welcome to Simple Chit Chat! Glad to have you here with us all. 

Well, now...if it hasn't been one darn thing it has been another! Whew! First I had the issue of losing my old blog, having it removed, having it blocked, and all of the above. The rush to fix the issue, and make it right for all to visit with again. Things are going good with that, I have gotten through the issues with it, and have been comfortable. 

Now....the computer! Honestly, I don't get it with this though! It did it's usually thing it has always done since I have gotten it 3-4 years ago. At different times it will shut down, and say Signal Not Found. You have to know the cable and internet company being used here on the farm. If it isn't the tv channels having issues, it has been the internet, or both. 

So, after it did it's usual shut down thing, I clicked the old button to start it back up. OMG! I had a different desk top, I was saving files to folders that once you restarted the computer they were not saving. Then, I started to move some files into other folders with these changes to save them, and that was not working. It would not save the browswer I was setting as my default, any of the address tool bars, and etc. I lost all my bookmarks I had which again is odd. I ran all scans possible for malware bytes, ccleaner, my antiv virus, and my trends housecall too. Nothing was found. It all came out clean. I started to notice on start up of computer that a little message box was coming up saying something about my profile not found. I finally got the message enough that I could ask.com about it. There it was...others had an issue at one point with it too. Some corrupted file, and I had to work with my administrative users to fix it. One instruction was the registry keys. I really hate working with those, and try to avoid them as I never want to make things worse than what they were. 

What I cannot understand is the bookmarks, and all my files which are in the hard drive of the computer. How on earth! Well, some of the folders I had moved to other files, and made short cuts to the desk top, and I find those short cut paths....but now I cannot get them open. I am finding the old folders, but it is showing them empty too. I finally got a new administrator set up on the computer, and all things going into files, the desktop, and all of that is now saving. What a deal, and what a mess it has been. Heart breaking too as some of those files had a few pictures I did not get into my place I save them at online. A few that I can not get back that I thought would be with my computer in the hard drive like all files, and folders. 

So, that was my weekend, and beginning of my week for me so far. Trying to get things caught up, and having to redo some pics for my resale stores online too. That is a chore in itself! I hope everyone else enjoyed their weekends, and had fun. Now it is cooler here, and the air has again been turned off. Why run that when I can cool without using power, right?:)

Thanks for sharing your time at Simple Chit~Chat, and hope to see you visiting again soon. Take care, and have a sweet day everyone.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Happy Chit Chat Tuesday Bloggers and Blogland

Happy Chit Chat Tuesday Bloggers, and Blogland! Hello, and happy to have you droppin by. 

So, how was your weekend? Anything exciting. Did you have big plans, did you do anything big, or did you kick back, and enjoy the beautiful weekend....hope the weather was good where you were.

Nothing fancy here. Wanted to mow, but had issue with battery and mower dead to the world. No one around this weekend to help, so had to wait till Monday to have it fixed. Monday took our car to dealership to be worked on....me and the body shop might have to start spitting at each other soon. They say rock chips, I say not rock chips due to a pattern it made, no other chips around it, and in the location it was in too. Hmm...had 2 other opinions comments to it stating Not rock chips too. 

Anyway, haven't had the car for a year yet. New model for chevy so no statistics on it yet, and yes....some minor things might happen along the way too. So far nothing serious, has been minor fixes, and the car runs great!! Great gas mileage, smooth ride, and I am enjoying it. I don't care for the rental I was put into. Impala with a bad driver tire. It is worn and smooth on outer part of tire, and when going down road dome light was on, was hot from being on, and could not get it figured out to turn off. Stupid me, knew it was minor, but called rental to find out for sure. Got it finally!...LOL:) Yeah, it was simple too. Just another button, and another minor turn is all:)

Today is Tuesday, and wanting to mow. Son tells me I have to wait so he can do some of the ditches. Well, here I sit waiting...he wants to watch his program first. 20 year old who needs an attitude adjustment, and needs to learn to talk to me better, and not be so demanding. Long story with him. 

Anyway, hope ya'll are having a great Tuesday, and hang in there! Friday is now another day closer:) Thanks for sharing your time with Simple Chit Chat. Take care, and come back to visit again soon!


Friday, June 1, 2012

Good Morning Welcome to Simple Chit Chat for LilacsNDreams

Good Morning Chit-Chatters, and Welcome to Simple Chit~Chat for LilacsNDreams. Glad to have ya'll stopping by. It's a miracle that I am here this early in the morning....LOL:) Yeah, yeah, I know....I am not an early morning person. Usually takes me a bit to wake up, and then get my feet down to take my first step. Let's just say mornings are a bit slower for me, and takes me a little bit to get a move on, and get around. Such is life:)

So, do ya'll have some big plans for this weekend? Not me. I think maybe I should get some mowing done due to all the rain we have had. The grass is growing a bit from it, and along come those darn old dandelions too. URGH! 

Not much happening here. Big weekend last weekend, and this weekend planning on being on the wonderful computer, and trying to get some things done with my stores online. 

Just stopping by to check on everyone, and see if anything exciting happening around here. Glad to see ya'll stopping by. Thanks for sharing your time with Simple Chit~Chat. Ya'll take care, have a wonderful weekend, and see you again soon. Later.......

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Happy Memorial Weekend Bloggers and Blogland

Hello Bloggers, and Blogland! Happy Memorial Weekend All!

Thanks for stopping by with Simple Chit~Chat. Glad to have you swinging through. This is to wishing you all a wonderful weekend. Enjoy, have fun, and please be safe. Also, I ask that you please remember those who are fallen, and those fighting for our freedoms of today. Pay tribute to them....they deserve it, and need to hear it from us as well. 

Off we go to having our weekend of relaxation, family, friends, and places to go and people to see!:) Ya'll take care now. Enjoy, and be safe! 



Monday, May 21, 2012

Strawberry Banana Milk Shake is a Great Treat Hmmm Good

Strawberry Banana Milk Shake . . . Hmm, Hmm, Good! Yepper, it is that time of year when I love my fruit even more. Sweet, juicy, and I like having a treat of a Strawberry Banana Milk Shake now, and then too. Making it at home is great, but sometimes I compromise....being on the run a lot....and I stop some where to have one made too. So refreshing!:)

This picture is not one of mine, but was found with Google Images. 2 Shakes were pictured, and I wanted to share with you:) It's Monday, and I hope all of you are having a super day! Been running all day, but am home relaxing for a bit, and catching up with ya'll before I leave again. Just gorgeous out, and love this time of year!

Hey, thanks for dropping by Simple Chit~Chat page for LilacsNDreams! Appreciate it, and don't forget to say Hi, or leave a comment also. Love hearing from everyone, and sharing in what ya'll are doing too. Take care, and see you again soon. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Welcome to Simple Chit Chat Blog Page at LilacsNDreams

Welcome to Simple Chit~Chat Blog Page at LilacsNDreams! Happy to see you here, and visiting with me today!

Well, now, if you have landed here you have found me threw search, maybe my old blog page that is directing here, or you are dropping in from my Home Page here at LilacsNDreams. However it happened I am happy to see you!

It has now been about 1-1/2 weeks since my incident happened with the old blog which help to create this New Blog. What a week it has been too! Did you know that my old blog has now become active again? Yepper! Just happen to do something that took me there, and I was able to sign into it. Don't like the email addy being used for it...not the original addy I first started my blog with. But, oh well, I have this new blog that is coming along greatly, and have enjoyed working with it, and tweeking it in a few places too. 

I won't be using my old blog since I have this new one. But, I did spend time yesterday changing the URL addys on the pages I had with it to come on over here. I am not all computer literate, and worried about trying to do any kind of redirect with coding, and such. Not knowing enough about it I did not want to attempt it, and make a mess all over again. So, I just went to all the pages with the old blog, and changed the addys to come over to here when they are clicked on. My domains are directed here, and Life is good again. Just the starting over is a bit nerve racking, but it will come in time like all things do. 

Can you believe next weekend is Memorial Weekend already?! Where is this time going, and where is spring going to? Here is to wishing you all a wonderful day, and thanking you so much for visiting with Me today at Simple Chit~Chat. Glad you stopped by, and hope to see you again soon. Till the next time my friends....Toodles.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

LilacsNDreams Simple Chit Chat Room Come Join In

Hello, and Welcome back to Simple Chit~Chat page with LilacsNDreams! Glad to have you visiting with me today. 

Whew! What a week so far! Painting to do in upstairs of house...need to finish it. Will have to mow the property again this weekend. And...been working on my Lilacs blog a lil bit each day. It is not fully done yet, but it is getting there. I am happy to say with 3 days my views are slowly climbing on my home page. Putting the word out about the New blog, the issue, and hopefully it gets around to everyoe seeing it, and some of my past followers will find me again too. 

Google told me that my stuff would be issued for review for reinstatement...but not holding my breath. I think someone knows they made a mistake, and this is one time they will not fix it. If I had more of a definite answer to what happened to make this mess....I would appreciate it. But, looks like that won't happen either. 

I did get on one site that my blog posts go to upon posting them. I can go back through the archive there, and get some of my past posts. So, hopefully this next week I will get started with that too. 

Hope ya'll had a Happy Hump Day! Thanks for visiting with Simple Chit~Chat, and see you again soon everyone. Take care. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Simple Chit Chat New Blogger Page With LilacsNDreams

Hello, and Welcome to my Simple Chit Chat room! Glad to have you here, and so happy that you are finding me too. 

For those who might know, and those who do not know.....Due to some technical issues late night last night I have lost all of my blog I have had since 2009. Trying to contact someone with Google for review, and to reinstate it is another thing. No one to talk to, just putting your questions and problems out there, and hoping maybe to get an answer. Well....sorry....I cannot sit around, and wait like that. Got people to see, people to meet and greet, and a schedule to work with:)

So, here is yet another page to my blog that I had before. My main blog page of LilacsNDreams can be visited with more updated things, and links to everything too. I am just sad that I have to do ALL these pages all over again as I will never find some of the things I had, and of course how I had some things worded too:(

Any questions about anything, don't be afraid to give me a holler now, ok? Glad to have you here, and bear with me as I am constructing all of my pages again. Take care everyone, and see you again soon!:)