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Monday, July 15, 2013

Good Monday Everyone From Simple Chit Chat

Good Monday to all of you from Simple Chit Chat! I do hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July, and a gorgeous week too! I don't know about ya'll, but I sure have not been having much energy to do anything lately. I unexpectedly took a week away from my shops, and working with my blogs too. Shame on Me! But, it felt good to do, and I think it was actually needed too. 

Not really much happening my way. It has been sunny, warm, and some days humid. I am watching the calender, and know that soon fall will be here which also means here comes winter. I really truly am not ready for winter. We got such a late start with summer I would like to see it last longer here. Sometimes I wish I lived further south to be able to do more with a bit warmer climate. Oh, well, such is life, right?:)

I enjoy having my shops with Ecrater, and Etsy too. Once in a while I will dabble with Ebay where I did first start selling online back in 2004. This week they are running a special of all free listings, no limit, and so I am trying my hand at that. I have most of the week to myself, and hope I can get it filled up there for a variety of things. Good way to clean house. With all of the changes there I have had to spend some time redoing my pictures that I use for there. More work, but hope it works out for me too. 

Well, it's Monday, and I do wish all of you a sweet day. Have a wonderful week my Chit Chat friends, and see you again soon. Till the next time . . . . 

Friday, May 31, 2013

Welcome Everyone to Simple Chit Chat

Welcome Everyone to Simple Chit~Chat!

Whew! It has been a while for me to stop by here. Not that I haven't been around, but I guess been spending more time with my LilacsNDreams Home page, shoppe page, and working a bit with my website too. I get things arranged, think I will be happy with them, and then all of a sudden I decide changes are needed again. Nothing big, usually minor, but still not completely fulfilled with how everything is done yet. Also, I try very very hard to keep a regular schedule of postings on my home page too. When you get a chance, check it out some time. Remember it is always great to hear from you too. 

WOW! The weather has really been something lately hasn't it? We couldn't get winter away from us fast enough. It seem to have dragged out, but now it is gone, and we are dealing with tornadoes with severe storms. Gets comfortable during the day, but at night sometimes it gets a bit cool yet. Looks like spring will drag out a bit too. Then, all of a sudden the hot weather will be here, and before you know it we will have winter again...urgh! Sorry, nothing against the snow everyone, but I so feel like a change with warmer weather longer during the year. Sure would be nice:)

Well, here it is a new weekend, and tomorrow is already the first of June! Wishing you all a super weekend. Have fun, enjoy, and be safe!:)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St Patricks Day to Everyone

Happy St Patricks Day to Everyone who visits, is passing by, or wanted to stop in to say Hi. Hope all of you have had a great weekend, and a super irish green day!:) Take care, enjoy, and have fun everyone.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Happiness is Friday Come Visit Simple Chit Chat

Happiness is Friday! Come Visit With Simple Chit Chat.

Hi there, and Welcome to Simple Chit Chat everyone! Glad to have you stopping by, and sharing your time with Me. 

Wow! Where does the time go around here, right? Seems like yesterday I was just working with my blog, and leaving posts with all of my pages here. Geesh! Have a lost track of time around here, or what?:)

The beginning of the year has been kind of a rough start for Me, and my family. We Dad passed away, husband had an issue with his job, and such long stories for me to share with you. I could write a book! We did have one good thing happen so far. On Valentines Day February 14, 2013 our son graduated from his Army basic training in South Carolina. We were able to be there to share his special time with him, and surprise him with other family members attending too. He was not able to be home from the army for my Dad's funeral, and this was something we all wanted to do for him. My Dad would have been proud as he too had retired from the Army, and was proud to see our son in uniform before has passed. 

We are now at the time of year where it is time for winter to be over, enough of the snow, enough of the cold, and so impatiently anxious waiting for spring to officially be here! Seeing everything bloom again, everything fresh, opening windows at home, mowing yards, being outside to paint things, and just the beginning of things new again. Hopefully that will soon be here for us all. 

Hey, thanks again for sharing your time with Simple Chit Chat everyone! Was great seeing you all again, that you found me here, and hope to see you all again soon. Don't forget to visit other pages with my Blog, and you can click here to start on the first page with LilacsNDreams, or just click that lil old tab at the top of the page here too. Take care, have a wonderfully Happy Friday, and a gorgeous weekend too! Later . . . .    #LilacsNDreams

Friday, January 25, 2013

Smile for Friday and Let the Weekend Start Here

Smile for Friday, and let the Weekend start here!

Hello everyone, and glad to see you dropping by! Here is another weekend, and hoping ya'll enjoy it too. Time has really gone by for me lately. How about you? I sure hope everyone enjoyed their christmas time, and the new year has started off well for you as well. 

This Christmas will be one that I will remember, and the new year has also started off with a bang for me as well. To make a long story short it revolves around my Dad, hospitals, airlifting, and back home into hospice care. Loving life day by day, and taking things as they come. Making memories, and cherishing them. 

It has been cold here, how about where you have been? I really truly had hoped I would not still be living here, but then again....they say things happen for a reason too. Day by day, and see what the future holds. 

Hope this finds everyone doing well. If you would like to stay more updated with Me, follow a bit more, please drop on by my Home page tab above. Feel free to visit them all, leave comments, and most of all....say Hi so that I know you visited:)

Thanks for sharing your time with Simple Chit-Chat, and hope to see ya'll again real soon. If it gets warmer out then there shall be more to talk about I would think, right? Right now it is just sitting around the house, trying to stay warm, and doing odds and ends, here and there, and that sort of thing. Anyways, thanks again for stopping all. Take care, and see you again soon. Toodles.......

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Happy Holidays From Simple Chit Chat

Happy Holidays to All from Simple Chit Chat!

Hi, and nice to see you here! Hope this finds everyone doing well, and enjoying the holiday season that is fast approaching for many of us. Have you done a lot of shopping this year? I haven't done quite as much as we generally do, but have enjoyed what I have done as well. This year I am home by myself preparing the house for family that is coming home for a few days during Christmas, and while hubby is driving truck up and down the road too. 

So, I decorated the house outside. Not as much as I generally do, but have done it to make it still look nice. Inside the home I have decorated as well. No big tree this year. Just 2 small ones so that I can make sure we have room for everyone that will be here. Our house is smaller, cozy, but sometimes I still wish our living room was bigger. Although it is much easier to keep up when it generally is only me at home too. 

I have been busy crafting a few things, working on my listings for items to sell, I clean messes up, and then turn around making more messes. I have boxed things to donate, make room, and before I know it I am going through things again, and have made another mess to contend with. This weekend it sounds like it could get a bit nasty out on Saturday. Urgh! That is living in Iowa. Some days I dream of the south, and hopefully that will come in the future for us yet. Till then this is what we have. 

Anyway, with that happening this weekend I should be able to spread things out on how they get done with picking things up, organizing things, reboxing things, and making room for more chairs for company that will soon be here. I still have a few more things to do with holiday shopping, but am fortunate to have quite a bit of it done as well. Whew! I really hate to rush to get things done, and so I must keep moving forward with things. 

Well, I hope this finds everyone doing well, and enjoying all the festivities of the season. Christmas is my favorite time of the year, and I hope others are able to enjoy it as well. Thanks for sharing your time at Simple Chit Chat, and hope to see ya'll again soon. Take care, have fun, be merry, and enjoy the season everyone! Toodles......

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy Veterans Day, Remember Those Who Served and Are Serving

Happy Veterans Day, Remembering Those Who Served and Are Serving

Hello, and Welcome to Simple Chit Chat everyone! Glad to have you stopping by, and visiting with Me today. This weekend is an important time to remember, and to give thanks by recognizing Veterans Day. Please remember our veterans who have served, and are still serving our country, and protecting our freedoms. If you see a veteran please say Hi to them, and maybe tell them Thank You as well. Seeing their face of recognition would sure make their day. 

Thanks again for visiting with Simple Chit Chat everyone, and see you again soon. Take care, and . . .

                               HAPPY VETERANS DAY!!