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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Happy Happy Hump Day to All in Blogland

Happy Happy Hump Day to All in Blogland! Hope ya'll are enjoying your Wednesday so far. Thanks so much for visiting with Simple Chit Chat today as well. 

Believe it, or not I have been around here, roaming around a bit, and have been staying busy with working out a schedule for my main blog of LilacsNDreams, and also working with my other page of LilacsNDreams Shoppe. In between that been trying to work on getting some listings done for things I am selling, clearing out inventory to make room, downsizing things a bit for us to make a long distance move, and you know. Things like that. 

Here we are another week 1/2 gone already. Weekend almost here, and where is the time going to? I have not gotten all done I had hoped to so far. Working on it, and doing things bit by bit as I can. Hitting a few thrift stores, some yard sales, and looking for some things that maybe I would consider bringing home too. Some things I pass on...regret it later too. Other times I have found some things worth while too. 

Well, time for me to shoot out the door again. Run into town, get some refills on things, pick up son from work, and then home to put feet up, and chill again. Hope this finds you all doing well, and enjoying your summer so far. I wish you all way, have a wonderful day, and come back to visit again soon with Simple Chit Chat. Take care till then everyone.